The schools in their curriculum focus on introducing innovative methods and tools into teaching-learning process, which is stated as means to increase motivation for work both of students and teachers and thus to improve educational offer and teaching results . Project work is to be that kids engage in, their effort, strategies their focus, perseverance and their improvement. What more partners have in common is that, according to partner school statements, all schools face the same lacks in teaching - learning areas, the same problems and needs In particular,concerning family and background of students, there are also problems in creating a student centered classroom where learners can engage in high interest content that is relevant, useful, and promotes innovation. Thus, partners will work in the interesting context of different countries and cultures, with the use of innovative tools in order to improve the lacks in students' 21st century skills and practice communication, critical thinking, creativity and collaboration, competitiveness. 

The main activities in this project are Learning,Teaching,Training activities. They are based on modern educational methods: Task based learning- learning by doing, Outdoor learning, Integrated learning, Interdisciplinary teaching, Research work using ICT, Using Drama and Theatre, Music. The "acompanying" activities are those to manage the project, to dessiminate the project results and to assess them.

A multilateral partnership with use of innovative methods and tools will make it possible for at least 8 pupils and 16 teachers of each partner to take part in the project mobilities participating in short-term exchanges of groups of students and short-term joint staff training events. Teachers and students of 6 schools will undergo tasks in international cooperation. Why do we want to use innovative teaching methods and tools? These tools support creative and critical thinking skills by preparing students for the business and educational life of the 21st Century. They can be used in teaching different subjects at school. Long potentials/ one of the most important aims of the project is to add a whole new European dimension to our schools with the experience exchanges. All the activities and products of this project are appropriate to be used as methodological tools in any school./School reading club; Project blog; Project newspaper; Project film; Exhibitions and Photos; Board games; Hands-out with ready lessons, Presentations.