14 - 20 November 2021

C5 - Music-the universal language

I speak Music language-school project concert. Traditional national music.

Opportunity for students with educational deficits to show their talent and get recognized and appreciated

Let's make music!
Construction of instruments with recyclable materials.


Participants will benefit from this activity:

They will be introduced new knowledge/ new kind of music /,which will strengthen their interest in learning new things
They will discover the strength of music as an universal language, which erases differences between people and nations.
They will learn school subject through new teaching methods, which will attract their attention and keep them engaged in the learning process.
They will communicate actively in a foreign language with foreigners, so they will improve their language skills
This activity will enable participants to meet other cultures and give up prejudices about particular nations or minorities.
International meetings will give our school and local societies a great chance to build up their knowledge on different cultures and tolerance.
The greatest change may be brought to students from families facing financial problems to whom the mobility abroad will open the door to the world.
Europass certificates will be useful in future career of teachers and students.
For teachers, the new learnt teaching methods will better their competences and will be used for future projects and cross-curricular teaching.
School will become more popular among students and society.