Public primary/secondary schools from Bulgaria, Portugal, Lithuania and Turkey have established this partnership in order to promote the quality education as a way to combat discrimination and support social inclusion of disadvantaged students. About 12 000 people/students with fewer opportunities/ aged 10-16/,teachers,parents of participating and non-participating students ,local authorities/ Municipality, Regional Educational Inspectorate,teachers from other schools,museums and library assistants- actively involved in researches and activities will take part and benefit from the project. We will develop a trans-national learning partnership based on Art, Music, History, Geography, Cultural heritage stimulating pupils’ active involvement in intercultural learning and their reflection on sensitive and complex issues regarding cultural diversity, intercultural dialogue . This way we would like to raise an awareness of students and teachers about being European citizens united in our differences, to increase motivation for learning through use of new teaching methods and tools, to teach and assess Soft skills/ Communication in foreign language, Creative thinking, Competitiveness.All six schools are willing to participate in international project, as it is a crucial point in the European Development Plan of each of them.