17- 23 October 2021

C10 C11 - Game based learning and Etwinning

Let’s play and study - presentation.
Introduce 11 successful E-twinning projects of the host school.
How to use E-twinning for sharing ideas and finding partners- workshop.
Creating an E-twinning group – teamwork
Visibility and dissemination of project results in Etwinning- discussion.
How to promote E-twinning to students- practical arrangement and distribution of tasks


Main school subjects to be affected by this activity:

ALL Following activities will also be organized:
Opening meeting.
Introduction and projects of our institution
Games and rules to be taught in the project
Cultures trips.
Activities will be integrated with the normal work of each partner school, as during 2 years each partner school will use teaching through games in at least 5 school subjects.


Records will be made and published/shared.

Students and teachers will also collaborate in eTwinning - share presentations, videos, attend chat.

Participants will benefit from this activity:
will develop creativity
Learn how to teach Art using traditional children`s game.
Will reveal original works and products.
They will leave their prejudices and have fun.
Learn the historical artifacts in the cities of our country.
Etwinning projects will increase their willingness to take part in projects related to children`s games.
Develop foreign language use.
They will be able to teach their students new games.